12 October 2017: Hackaton session


Please note that other sessions (Spark, Flink, Qserv) might be organized depending on participants interests.

Title: Wikidata advanced demonstration


Envel, Thomas and Andra are three Wikidata contributors who have advanced technical knowledge and they will carry out this workshop. They can demonstrate many tools to query, reuse Wikidata data, and build tools on top.

The hackathon will begin with a general introduction to Wikidata (1h), followed by a demonstration of various tools to use the data (Query Service, API, Wikidata-Toolkit, Wikidata-Integrator ...) (1h), before moving on to the hackathon phase where participants will be able to experiment with these tools and use them for their projects, with guidance from facilitators


Andra Waagmeester is part of the gene wiki team. The gene wiki project is a concerted effort to make Wikidata the central linked data hub in the life sciences. We do this by adding and maintaining knowledge on genes, proteins, diseases, and drugs to Wikidata.

Thomas Pelissier-Thanon is a long time Wikidata contributor. He worked on the Wikidata schema and the migration of data from Freebase and is maintaining some Wikidata related tools like the WikidataToolkit. He is also a Ph.D. student at Télécom ParisTech working on data management and reasoning.

Envel le Hir is a Wikidata contributor, mainly about French politicians. In Wikidata, he created the France/Politicians project and takes part in the Parliaments project.